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Best Practices for Packing Your Storage Unit

Picking the right Storage location

When it comes to finding the perfect storage space, several factors come into play. The location, size, and amenities such as climate control or RV and boat storage should be considered. To make the best choice, please take a look at our range of locations.

Picking the Right Size

When it comes to choosing self-storage, it's crucial to ensure that you have the right amount of space to meet your requirements. At StorSafe, we offer a variety of self-storage units, ranging from 5x5 to 20x30, catering to all your storage needs. If you're unsure about the appropriate unit size for you, you can refer to our sizing guide or get in touch with us. Our team of moving experts will be happy to assist you with your queries and help you choose the right storage unit.

Think Outside the Box

Cardboard boxes are great for some items, but using plastic containers can be a great option for a lot of your items.  What’s great about plastic containers is that they are reusable, not more hassle of purchasing boxes every time you move.  Second, they are easy to stack!  Lastly, paper products can absorb moisture over time, and plastic is a great alternative.

Storing Appliances

When storing a refrigerator or freezer, it's important to ensure that it's thoroughly dry and that the door is left slightly open. You can store some goods inside these appliances as well, but make sure to take note of anything you place inside. Additionally, you can stack boxes on top of stoves, refrigerators, and freezers, but prior to packing them, be sure that the stoves and cooking equipment are clean and dry.

Packing Dishes, Glassware and other Fragile items

When packing glassware, it is important to take certain precautions to prevent breakage during transportation. Begin by placing a layer of padding at the bottom and top of each box that will contain glass items. Each individual glass item should be wrapped carefully. Nest cups and bowls together, and stand plates, saucers, and platters on their edge. Wrapped glasses should be placed near the top of the box, and any open spaces should be filled with packing paper to ensure that the items do not shift during transportation. Make sure to label all boxes containing glassware and avoid placing heavy items on top of them. Read our blog post more on packing dishes and fragile items.

Make sure you are Managing Weight

When packing, it's important to use small boxes for heavy items such as books and tools. Make sure to limit the weight of all cartons to 30 lbs. or less for easier handling. Avoid stacking fragile items on top of other items or boxes as this increases the risk of breakage. Additionally, do not store heavy items higher up as it may cause boxes underneath to give out and result in heavy items falling.

Label all your boxes

It can be extremely frustrating to have to dig through boxes to find something you need. That's why it's important to label your boxes to keep yourself organized and avoid future frustration. Additionally, make sure to label any boxes that may contain fragile items so you can handle them with extra care.

Storing your furniture

When storing your furniture, it is best to break it down as much as possible.  This means taking the legs off the tables and breaking down headboards.  This will also help you store your furniture vertically and will give you more space.  You can use old blankets, sheets, or other furniture covers to help keep your furniture from being scratched or getting dusty.

Storing your books and Documents

When packing books, it's important to keep them flat to protect the spines. Avoid placing boxes directly on concrete floors, as this may lead to moisture absorption. Instead, use pallets or skids. Fill all empty pockets in each box using packing material. To prevent damage, don't pack fragile items in the same box as books. Also, avoid overloading boxes.

Create a path to get around

Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for convenient access to all items.  This isn’t always necessary if you don’t plan on going in and out of your unit all the time, but if you do, then it will make your life easier.

Safe and Secure Self Storage Solutions

Everyone needs storage for a different reason. Homeowners may need a place for holiday decorations or while remodeling, moving, downsizing, or decluttering. Others may need a place to store their RV, boat, or trailer. Local businesses often use our storage units as a low-cost alternative to warehousing. If you have questions that aren’t covered in the tips above, our self storage experts can help!

StorSafe® Self Storage provides clean, secure, and affordable self storage solutions for residents and businesses in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, and Ohio! We also offer covered parking for RVs and boats—as well as a full line of moving supplies, mail/package services, and moving truck rentals.

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